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Past Events

2021 Workshops

vivi boat.jpg

Seascapes in Watercolour
Vivi Palegeorge

Saturday 3 July 2021

10am Start

Come and extend your knowledge of watercolour seascapes with Vivi. 

Vivi Palegeorge is a local, renowned and award-winning artist, in many mediums.  Vivi has received many awards and continues to participate in many art shows. In October 2013, her painting titled was nominated as a finalist for the Australian Mortimore Art Prize.  Vivi was also nominated in 2013, 2015 and 2016 Victorian Artist of the Year Award, for Victorian Artist Society.   In 2006, Vivi was accepted as a full member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

Vivi will encourage you to feel confident and skilled, through specific development techniques and application.  Bayside being her home, let Vivi teach you how to capture seascapes and the inland waterways of beautiful bayside. 

This workshop will develop your drawing and composition skills.  You will expand your creative approaches to capturing light and reflection.   Give yourself permission to explore, experiment and become a confident watercolour painter.  Vivi is passionate about encouraging and supporting her students to explore and find their own narrative.   She enthusiastically meets each student at an appropriate level.  Beginners are always welcome, but advanced artists benefit with Vivi’s tuition.

Members $120

Visitors $135

Oil landscapes
David Chen

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th July 2021

10am to 3.30pm

BAS invites you to explore Oil landscapes with David Chen


David Chen was born in China & holds both Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine Arts.  He has over 50 years art experience.   He taught Fine Arts at university level.  David arrived in Melbourne in 1993.  He was invited to be part of the HYDRA Art Group.  In 1994 three works were exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria.  In 2001 he exhibited at National Museum in Canberra and was selected for the United Nation Conference in New York.   David has won many prizes including the Camberwell Art Show 2013 and Victor Harbour 2011 “Best in Show”.  He is a member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists judging panel.  As a renowned judge, he has judged many art shows including the Camberwell Art Show 2014. 



With over 5o years of experience painting internationally David will expose you to the most beautiful understanding of structure and colour.  Two amazing days of painting & learning to express yourself.  David will emphasize the understanding of colour in terms of temperature, intensity and value while translating those ideas using oil technique.  He is passionate about painting & inspiring people to find their own creative voice.  As a juror & art teacher he enjoys sharing the colour mixing and painting systems he has developed to help other artists become the artists they always dreamed.  Individual attention and group critiques will serve to help students in their efforts.  The workshop is very limited in size so that in-depth instruction is available to every student.  (Min 8, max 12 students)


Members - $225

Visitors - $240

David Chen Beach.jpg

Ideas for the Future

The volunteer committee is working on these now but if you have a suggestion of an event you would like at the Brighton Art Society please email us, our email address is We would love to hear from you.

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