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2020 Brighton Art Society Online Art Show  - sales enquires welcome

Welcome to our first online art show.


2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging year globally with government restrictions, health challenges and social distancing becoming the new norm. Through this virtual art show, we celebrate our members and tutors who have continued on their creative journey, keeping their spirits up despite the obstacles, and who are now sharing their art publicly for others' visual pleasure. We are so proud of you all!


This 2020 Online Members Gallery pays tribute to our members' and tutors' substantial talents, as well as celebrating the importance of art within the broader community. Enjoy and please spread the word so that others may also visit our website!

We welcome purchase and commission enquiries by email, which will be forwarded directly to the artist. Please note sizes as images are not displayed proportionally in the gallery.   Email:

Important: These gallery images are shared with the express permission of the artist to Brighton Art Society. They remain the intellectual property of the artist, so are subject to copyright and intellectual property infringement laws

BAS TUTORS GALLERY- see 'Classes' tab for enrolment information
Elly Abrat
Pastel and Drawing - portraiture and other subjects
Stephen Doyle
Oils, Gouache & Mixed Media - portraiture - member of Twenty Melbourne Painters Society
Vicki McInnes

Oils & Mixed Media - particular interest in flowers, portraiture and landscapes

Vivi Palegeorge
Watercolour and Oil Painting - particular interest in landscapes
Elizabeth Paszko

Oils & Mixed Media - all subjects

Clive Sinclair

Watercolour, Oils and Other Media - member of Twenty Melbourne Painters Society

Maxine Wade
Watercolour and Mixed Media - develop your individual approach
Michelle Zuccolo
Life Drawing and Watercolours - capture the human figure
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