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Brighton Art Society
Annual Art Show 2023

The Where:

The Brighton Art Society Annual Art Show 2023 will be held at:
26 Advantage Art Gallery and Event Space

26 Advantage Rd, Highett VIC 3190

The When:

All images required between 12pm - 3.30pm - 12 July 2023.
All images are to be hung and displayed bet
ween 12pm - 5pm
All Images to be collected between 9am-11am 2 August 2023

Artwork will be on display between 13 Ju
ly and 1 August 2023
Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm and  Satuday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Opening Night date is to be confirmed, tickets will be $5

Terms and Conditions:

Payment of the $15 registration fee means that the entrant agrees to the conditions of entry as follows:

1. Each entrant must be a current financial member of the Brighton Art Society Inc.

2. Artwork registration can be made online from 30 March 2023, closing Friday 23 June 2023:

3. Brighton Art Society Inc. will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of any artworks presented for exhibition or sale.

4. Three (3) artwork may be entered - Late entries will not be accepted.

5. Each piece must be labelled on the back with title, name, medium used, size and price.   

6. Each piece, including any frame, must not exceed 102 cm x 81 cm (40"x 32") and must be securely framed, wired and able to be hung.  

7. Artworks must be the entrant's own original work, executed without physical assistance from a tutor or any other person.

8. Only an entrant's own photography maybe used as a reference for an artwork.  

9. The artwork must not be copied from another artists painting or drawing.


10. Sculptures will not be accepted.

11. 6 Advantage Gallery and Art Space will charge 35% commission including GST of the price on any artwork sold with additional 5% merchant fee also payable.

12. Discretion for staff of 26 ADVANTAGE to offer up to 10% discount to close a sale. Additional discounts will be approved by artist.

13. An entrant may mark "NOT FOR SALE" on artwork.

14. Items for sale are to include GST

15. For any artwork sold, the entrant is responsible for their own requirements as set by the Australian Tax Office.

16. Delivery: Artworks to be delivered to: 26 Advantage Rd, Highett VIC 3190 Between 12pm and 3.30pm 12 July 2023

17. Collection: Artworks are to collected from: 26 Advantage Rd, Highett VIC 3190 Between 9am and 11.30pm 2 August 2023

18.  Brighton Art Society Inc. reserves the right to reject any work not conforming to the above conditions.

19. Payments for sold artworks will be disbursed to artist by 15 September 2023.

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