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Welcome to the Brighton Art Society Incorporated a not for profit organisation. The society was formed in 1978 to develop, foster and encourage participation in the arts in various forms, in a friendly and social environment.  The society is run on the generosity of it’s members who volunteer their time to support the activities of the society in both committee and non-committee roles creating an engaged artistic community.


The society has a number of services available and welcomes members of all skill levels to learn, practice and participate.  Memberships are renewed annually and are active for the calendar year.  Membership throughout the year is welcome and encouraged, as there is no better time to start your art journey than when you are inspired to do so.


Classes are run in 9-week terms and are led by experienced art tutors.These classes are for all skill levels, starting from beginner to experienced members who enjoy the structure of class learning.  These classes extend across both drawing and painting supporting the interests in various mediums and topics. 


Untutored groups meet to draw or paint in the medium and style of their choice.The model sessions have various sitting and pose times, with a mixture of focuses in both life and portraiture. New to Term 1 in 2023 is the opening painting session, which has no model.  


Workshops are generally 1 to 2 days in length with a particular focus on medium or style. Workshops are open to members and non-members of all skill levels.  The artist will usually demonstrate a technique or style for students to then practice on their own piece.


Demonstrations are an opportunity to learn from an experienced artist. Watch an artist complete a piece of art in front of the audience, whilst explaining their process and preference of materials.  Artists will also answer questions during the demonstration from the entertained audience. Demonstrations are open to members and non-members.


We welcome you to join the society to learn, practice and participate in the arts, in a friendly environment. To stay informed the Panorama Newsletter is issued 10 times a year to members and our website is updated regularly with new information. Alternatively, please feel free to leave a message at the studio on 0494 118 601 and a committee member or I will be in touch. Please note our office hours are limited and irregular, and hence why we encourage the use of the website in the first instance. I encourage you to join us and get started in your creative pursuits.


Warmest of regards

Charmaine Cachia


Brighton Art Society


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